The visibility of your abs depends upon your body fat. If you are a couch potato and thinking to join any gym or aerobics for instant fat loss, then you are going wrong! Especially, if you wish to get rid of your bulging tummy by these tantrums, take a step back and rely on a permanent cure to this that not only gives you a perfect shape but is absolutely safe. Your abs are under a large amount of fat that needs to be shed naturally. Core muscles are located deep within the back, abdomen & attached to the spine. Thus, you need to look for a measure that flattens your tummy, deeply conditions your body and provides optimal stability.


Tummy Flatter distributes the electric impulses throughout the body evenly, without delay.


The six sticky pads located behind each wing of the device helps perfectly fit over your abdominal curves.

No side effects

No side effects, even after long-term usage. Tummy flatter doesn’t cause any irritation on skin too!


Created using high-quality, flexible material to ensure moisture breathability.

Tummy Flatter Be The Best Version Of You!

Wear it to slim it! If you are one of those busy bees who hardly gets time to join a gym or an aerobics class, Tummy Flatter is perfect for you!

Tummy Flatter is a six-wing wearable device that gives you a flat tummy and an overall perfect shape. It is a safe, wireless electronic device for shedding extra tummy fat, regardless of age. It promotes muscle contraction by operating at varying intensities. Wear it under your clothes and embark on your successful weight loss journey. This portable electronic gear can be used anytime & anywhere.

Tummy Flatter follows a systematic process of losing weight that can be categorized as:
  • Initial phase: Movement of muscles by gradually increasing the speed of electrical stimulation.
  • Mid phase: Stimulating the muscle contraction gently.
  • Final phase: Muscle movement by gradually decreasing the stimulation intensity.
Tummy Flatter product box


Thrice a day,

for just 2 minutes!

Machine Inner

A safe Fat-to-Flat journey

How to Use?

Tummy Flatter is very simple to use. All you need to do is take out the sticky pads and place the machine on stomach. Press the center button to put on the device. You can adjust the intensity of electric stimulation. It is an effective fat loss course of 30 days. Use it 3 times a day, for 2 minutes each!


  • A portable electronic device to drive out extra tummy fat
  • Tried & tested fat loss formula
  • Created using high-quality flexible material
  • Six sticky pads attached behind the wings, for proper fit
  • A safe Fat-to-flat journey
  • Works well on the abdominal muscles
  • Fits any body shape easily
  • Can be simply worn beneath your clothes
  • No irritation on skin
  • Airiness is maintained


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